If you’re not ready for Love, how can you be ready for Life?

Air, water, fire, wind and earth, they say the universe is made of these 5 elements. After the recent situations of my unpredictable life, I would like to define that love is the sixth element that makes life, that creates the universe. It is the catalyst, like an invisible ingredient that blends in with the others in the recipe of creation. That is why a new life form is created in the name of the act of making love. And because it blends in so effortlessly, we almost miss it, we take it for granted.

The thing about love is that it is present in everything that is a part of our environment, from nature, to things, to organisms, to people.. from stars, to dust, to a pollen, to a squirrel, to a human. Because love is present in our environment and within us, we get easily connected to our nature. We feel content under a starry night, or calm on a mountain peak, or after feeding a turtle. It is an unspoken language, an energy that is of the same frequency present within all living and non-living things.

Some people, whom we get extremely affectionate towards, might help us feel love intensely, more intense than nature might make us feel. They help us undergo a sensation of experience love within. They bring us closer to ourselves. In their love, resides self-love. In short they help make a connection with other things easily and simply. In life, you will find these people in various faces, parents, spouses, companion, siblings, friends, and very often as strangers. As humans, we like being around such people. Our selfishness to be around these people is what defines humanity in a human.

There is no formula on how to love or how to be loved. It is a deep within feeling that can be felt. This feeling is the strongest as compared to the other emotions in us because it has the power to take us to the extremes.  And when this feeling is at its peak, you can almost touch it.. love becomes tangible and sometimes even visible. For example when you share the cuddles with your partner after sex, or before; the happiness you get when a dog gives his paw for a handshake; when you receive a blessing from your elders, a kiss in the rain, or the highway, or the forest, actually a kiss wherever; the sound of wind-chime on the sea shore; and so many more.

What I am trying to say here is that when you will start thinking about it, there will be  hundreds of situations when you can express you felt love, strong love. And when love feels the strongest emotion, it can be then converted in a form of energy that can help you gain inner strength, resolve ego issues, achieve calmness, experience reasonless joy. You can use this energy to tackle situations in life more quickly and more effortlessly. Love has the capacity to make any emotion intense and alive. Therefore, if mixed rightly, love can be a channel in turning everything from negative to positive. It can be the universal ingredient in healing. Hence love becomes the parent emotion of all and it has the power to nest all other emotions under itself like anger, hatred, guilt, care, affection, jealously, possessiveness, belongingness, etc.

We all die with an unquenching desire to love & be loved more.. But there is no guideline to hold on to love. The only trick here is to believe that one has the power to create love from within. It starts from self. It is the only way to sustain, only way to nourish. In the end, to love & to be loved is the only purpose of life. No point of also loving somebody half heartedly. Because love will make a connection, wantingly or unwantingly. There is no point of running away from Love. Because it lies within. How much ever we will run away from people, we cannot run away from ourselves. The sooner we accept that ‘we are love’, the better it is for our sanity, or insanity, whatever you choose.


"In the end, and from the start.. we all are just blessings."


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Hi hi hi.. Yes, 10 penguins are in there.


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